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  Adrian 367ba9d949 Merge branch 'replace-mattermost-with-matrix' of adngdb/delire.party into master 4 months ago
  Adrian b3d4bc76c5 Replace framagit with kodkod in footer links. 4 months ago
  Adrian 81b4b357a9 Update link to sources to point to kodkod instead of framagit. 4 months ago
  Adrian ead9d9e656 Remove The Lounge from the list of services. 4 months ago
  Adrian 4a25759563 Fix some typography errors. 4 months ago
  Adrian 73d755e71c Replace Mattermost with Riot / Matrix. 4 months ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 48550e15a7 Add well-known matrix server descriptor 1 year ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 37a2e201ea Add gitea to the list of services; fixes #1 (#2) 1 year ago
  Adrian 08745ed8a2 Merge branch 'peertube-funkwhale' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 5e461578c8 -Peertube +Funkwhale 1 year ago
  Adrian 7e06c0e9ef Merge branch 'trackerz' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 51eedf0558 Trackerz gonna track; 1 year ago
  Adrian 23929890a3 Merge branch 'ecourrier' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier c2555d21f6 Utilisons notre adresse délire; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 48c4dd053e Merge branch 'accessibility-improvements' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Adrian c44995b32d Improve accessibility of the services list. 2 years ago
  Adrian a674fe4d89 Merge branch 'cgu' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Adrian cb6dd1b53d Merge branch 'split-services' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 9843192f19 Add CGUs; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 019880b766 Review; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 5f54329087 Tweak descriptions; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 5ad8691f3b Fixes #3: Ajouter PeerTube; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 839cb9dbea Descriptions courtes pour chacun des services; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 292e02e079 Séparer en deux parties les services libres d'accès et les autres; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier ea50ec934d fix ze see esse yes; 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 10a9c11ba2 Merge branch 'replace-owncloud-nextcloud' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Adrian 4548d86c4d Replaced owncloud with nextcloud. 2 years ago
  Adrian 815ba202c1 Merge branch 'remove-etherpad' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 5ee4212103 Remove etherpad from the list of services; 2 years ago
  Adrian 5d1fd4998d Compress more logo images. 2 years ago
  Adrian ef00518dff Compress the mastodon logo. 2 years ago
  Adrian b1fef6c80c Update mastodon logo to the newest one. 2 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier b9b012b15b Merge branch 'more-intro-text' into 'master' 2 years ago
  Adrian a3b22a795c Better wording of the call to give money. 2 years ago
  Adrian 6baa2916f8 Add a little more explanations about Le Delire. 2 years ago
  Adrian 5e9d193157 Fix issue #2 - Add vip / The Lounge to the list of services. 3 years ago
  Adrian 6bebab02ea Typo. 3 years ago
  Adrian b5fed5d697 Merge branch 'mattermost' into 'master' 3 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 84c0bb7b64 Add mattermost to the list of services; 3 years ago
  Adrian 54f89e0fbd Fixes issue #1 - Corrected viewport size in mobile browsers. 3 years ago
  Adrian 7006507577 Added etherpad - ecrire.d.p to the list of services. 3 years ago
  Adrian c18d7d19cd Show URLs of hosted services. 3 years ago
  Adrian 5a231a15cc Updated our intro message to target people we trust. 3 years ago
  Benjamin Bouvier 5c3614b065 Hail to Big Brother! 3 years ago
  Adrian c8f0137752 Optimized all png logos to reduce size. 3 years ago
  Adrian 774eedfde9 Added PrivateBin to the list of services, removed Piwik. 3 years ago
  Adrian 8757177d9e Added media queries for smaller devices. 3 years ago
  Adrian 34741dc5db Forced footer to always be at the bottom of the window. 3 years ago
  Adrian 4ea2ec8d50 Added link to our liberapay team. 3 years ago
  Adrian f145a0670a First commit, basic web page. Added a basic web page with links to our hosted services and a short description. 3 years ago